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Over 12 Years of experience in Wind Energy Construction, Demolition, Disopsal, Decommissioning & Estimating we can help you today.

Wind Turbine Decommissioning

Every wind farm will someday need to be decommissioned, let our know how and experience help you put together the most efficient and cost effective approach. We can help with Blade Disposal, Scrap and Salvage as well as reclaimation of foundations and roads. We can also help with collection and transfomer removal if required.

Engineered Demolition

Restoring an operating wind farm to green field has a lot of challenges. Our team has experience in:

  • Wind Turbine Removal (both destructive remvoal and removal for reuse)
  • Blade & Fiberglass Dispsoal
  • Tower Section & Major Component Disposal and Salvage
  • Access Road Removal including topsoil replacement
  • Electrical Infrastructure & Components Removal including Transformers, Collection & Transmission Line, GIS Switchgears
  • Foundation Demolition including full removal and 4’ below grade