Wind Turbine Component Disposal

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Over 12 Years of experience in Wind Energy Construction, Demolition, Disopsal, Decommissioning & Estimating we can help you today.

Blade & Fiberglass Components

Sometimes blades and other fiberglass components are damaged beyond repair for any number of reasons. We have the team and equipment to safely and efficiently cut up the blade in to managable pieces and dispose of the fiberglass waste. We deal with the all of the disposal and details, then clean everything up for the landowners acceptance.

Tower Sections & Major Components

Our team has several years of experience all over the country removing damaged or obsolete components for recycling or disposal. We are able to cut the componenets into smaller manageable pieces and ship to local metal recycling companies. Towers, Hubs, Nacelles, Rotors or even the smaller components are our specialty. We handle all the details - All you have to do show us where it is.

Foundation Removal & Disposal

Removal and disposal of concrete foundations may sound easy, but with all of the reinforcing steel, high strength concrete and the new OSHA regulations on silica it may be something best left to the professionals. We have experience in both full foundation removal and removal to 4' below grade.

Electrical Component Salvage

Transformers, switchgears, substation components all have salvage value, we can help with both disconnection and removal. Including proper disposal of gas charged items.