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Wind Turbine Decommissioning

Decommissioning Estimate Peer Check

State Laws & Changing Legislation:

Many States and Counties have a growing concern of what will happen at the end of the lifecycle of the rapidly increasing number of wind energy sites around the country. In addition several windfarms have been sold from the original owner and developers. Some states such as North Dakota have even enacted leglislation that require bonding with a written decommissioning plan updated yearly. Other states may require bonding at the county or local level.

Investments / Wind Farm Purchases & Financing:

It is also a good idea for lenders to consider the cost of decommissioning in the their performas. Legislators and County Officials are in-creasingly requiring bonds and more sophistacated plans to make sure they are covered financially for turbine removal. We can provide an independent third party estimate to help your finaicial models.

Wind Energy Owners & Operators:

Owner / Operators can use the detailed estimates to assist with planning the operating life of their wind assets.

Local Government Surety Bonds:

Most often developers hold the responsibilty to develop their own decommissioning plan. This may make sense since they will likely be the ones be responsible for doing the work when it comes time to decommission.

However, they typically include "salvage value" for the turbines which means selling the wind turbine parts for spares or for reuse. In the event of default, the Local Government will then need to find a buyer and arrange transport, contractors, etc. The vast majority of windfarms decommissioned to date have been sold for scrap which has much lower return.

In addition the fiberglass blades, nacelle and hub coverings currently require landfill disposal which has sub-stantial cost. We can provide an independent 3rd party plan and estimate that will give you the proper surety that you need in the event of default.

12 Years of Experience in Construction, Estimating, & Demolition exclusively in the Wind Industry

With over 12 year working in the wind business our team has completed:

  • Over 50 Individual Projects from New Construction to Decommissioning with an industry leading Wind Construction & Service Contractor.
  • Dozens of Complicated Engineered Demolition & Crane Lift Plans
  • American Concrete Institute Certification
  • Completed hundreds of Detailed Estimates for New Construction, Decommissioning & Service
  • Several Decommissioning Plans and Estimates for Local Government to the Bureau of Land Management

12 Years of Experience in Construction, Estimating, & Demolition exclusively in the Wind Industry

Decommisioning Plan & Detailed Estimate:

Our Written Decommisioning Plan uses current in-dustry standards for demolition and restoration. We will use the best approach allowable to give you the most economical option.

Salvage values are calculated based on current standards and metal pricing indicies.

Includes review (if available) of Landowner Agree-ments and local regulations for compliance. Full detailed Estimate will be provided with the report showing the approach and cost associated.

Standard Plan and Detailed Estimate: $3500.00

Existing Plan & Estimate Peer Review:

Review and modification of current Decommissioning plans and Estimates to bring up to date.

Review of pricing and plans for:

Wind Farm Developers, Lenders, Local Government Authorities, Wind Farm Owners / Operators.

Standard Plan Review: $1500.00